Tuning Russia tries to institutionalise the use of Tuning methodology in the Russian Federation's educational philosophy practice. It aims at creation of network of Tuning Centres in Russia, preparation of highly qualified staff and developing a common list of generic and subject-specific competences which will be used in the process of designing and developing higher education degree programmes of all levels of education in the following subject areas: Ecology, Economics and Management, Education, Environmental Engineering, Information and Communication Technologies, Languages, Law, Social Work, and Tourism.


  • Promotion and dissemination of Tuning methodology among Russian academic community, in particular in 9 subject areas,
  • Implementation and development of Tuning methodology in Russian universities through network of Tuning Centres, represented by team of highly qualified experts who provide advice and methodological support in the use of Tuning methodology in the development of educational programs.

Duration of the project is three years, from October 2010 to October 2013.